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Surrey Women's Centre banner
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Surrey Women's Centre

Surrey Women’s Centre offers a range of crisis, court and counseling services to women and children fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and other forms of family violence. These services are designed to increase the safety of women and children.

We worked collaboratively with Surrey Women Centre directors and board members to establish a meaningful brand and position for the organization. The platform we developed continues to inspire and fuel the successful marketing communications services we provide for them. 



Brand + Positioning
Logo + Brand Identity
Marketing Strategy + Collateral
Advertising Creative
Web + Applications
Video Development
eMarketing + Social Media
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Building the Brand
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Vision + Discovery

Working in Tugboat Group facilities with senior stakeholders, the underpinnings of the brand and position were unearthed via visioning and affinity sessions facilitated by Tugboat strategists.

If Surrey Women's Centre were a person, what would they be like? How would they act? What would they wear? How would they speak? If they were a watch? A vehicle? Then, of their direct or indirect competitors, who’s doing it right? Wrong? Why?

Foundation + Essence

Courage doesn’t mean heroism. Courage can be picking up the phone, asking for help, or exploring your options or walking through Surrey Women's Centre's doors. Courage is taking the first step.

Surrey Women's Centre leverages women’s experience and their expertise to empower and engage the community to increase safety of women and children. They give voice to the the social policies and practices that keep violence against women and children hidden, and speak the unspoken.


25th Celebration
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Position + Message

Courage, Equality, Leverage, Impact and Voice. SWC is a resource centre for women and children who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and other forms of family violence. “Victim” is not a word often heard used by staff. "Change the Definition of Victim" is a reflection of a long-held mission.

Surrey Women’s Centre gives voice to the courage of women fleeing violence. Leveraging a woman’s strength improves more than her own life; it impacts the social well-being of the whole community

Brand Identity

There is no “head of the table” with a circular identity. The notion of a circle is one of sharing, strength and fluidity. The breaks in the circle allow movement in and out, in all directions. The resulting notion of a life-preserver finishes the message. The guiding principle of the Centre is to be always the right door to walk through. The life-preserver image captures this sentiment.

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Surrey Women's Centre stationary
Annual reports

Surrey Women's Centre marks National Victims of Crime Week 2016 with a battle cry of #shoutout4survivors while presenting stories of women who "told someone". The women share how that ultimately helped them to heal, and in turn gave them strength to help others.

SMART background

In the summer of 2013, the Surrey Women’s Centre launched a 24-hour mobile response service for women at risk of physical and/or sexual violence: s.m.a.r.t., the Surrey Mobile Assault Response Team.

Tugboat aimed to integrate the s.m.a.r.t. program with Surrey Women’s Centre’s existing ecosystem of services, and help those who experience abuse.

The strategy included developing outreach materials about s.m.a.r.t.: The program’s logo and accompanying business cards, brochure and rack card, as well as the s.m.a.r.t. website, newspaper ads and a special object for at-risk women to carry with them, which discreetly displays the s.m.a.r.t. help line number.

Faces of Courage cover portrait
SMART poster
Smart Responds within minutes of an assault
swc rack cards
Large Format for Large Impact

Though not regulars on the trade show circuit, Surrey Women's Centre leverages large format displays and installations to call attention to their efforts in the community. Backdrops, banners and posters set the stage for events and celebrations, and sleek graphic displays and banner stands become disruptive and informative endcaps in retail settings.

Trade show banners
Website & Content Management
Multi-Site Web CMS

Designed to communicate with and share valuable resources with the community, the Surrey Women's Centre website must also satisfy authorities and appeal to a philanthropic audience. SWC does receive government funding, but the lion's share of its operating budget is covered through donations. Thus, a critical component of the SWC website is it's integration with the BlackBaud fundraising application, where marketing efforts and ecommerce requirements are integrated into the platform. The attractive, brand-centric SWC website wins with the community and with those that wish them well.

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